Providing an eagle-eye view of your brand
to unify brands and their best targets.

Your brand is an ever-evolving landscape and ecosystem. At UiNIFICATION, our task is to view your brand from the top, see the intricacies and connections, know the topography and understand the climate.

Our UI Designers have a single task: systemize your brand to make it indelibly useful, meaningful and relevant. The result is an optimized user experience—a user interface that spans the analog and digital world to engage your users. That’s our approach to branding.

We deliver meaningful brand experience, and extend that same thinking to our partnerships.
We deliver your brand's value as if our tight-knit squad was in house on your team.

Complex problems need complex problem solvers.
Our services will UiNIFY your branding and user experience.

It's important to realize that your user, your consumer, your customer, however you identify them, interacts with your brand in multiple places across all sorts of media. You may have a brochureware website, or an app, or a brick and mortar store, or simply advertising all over the town or even world Knowing your user, and understanding and mapping ideal user flows is where we start. Than we create things like IA, site maps, digital and real world path-to-purchase experiences to identify the engagement points. It's there you will want to tell your most compelling stories, that's where branding takes over.
Your brand is not a logo or any piece of visual design all on its own. Your brand is a distinct story that offers some amount of awesome value to the people it attracts. We call those people users, you may call them consumers or customers, but in any case, you goal is to not just connect with them, but emotionally connect with them and create a symbiotic relationship that at once makes their lives easier and evokes love, happiness, joy and satisfaction. We build that story, determine your value proposition, positioning, mission, vision, core values and selling points. Then share it with the world, online and off.
Once we truly understand your branding foundation, that's when we can start building the visual context: a design system that helps share your unique user experience across media consistently and with ease. To do this well, we use a talented experienced design team. Our UI Designers are experts with media: traditional, advertising, digital (including mobile) and in-store. Your user must recognize you anywhere they are. That must be consistent — must sound like you and indeed look like you. We put in place everything to make sure it's a certainty. It starts with brand platform and style guide, then we execute to match.
We believe very fervently in idea that User Interfaces (UI) are everywhere online and off. That said, so much of the world relies upon branding that's online. Whether it's a new front-end GUI that integrates with some kind of API, a standalone custom brochureware website, a CMS administered website (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or any other really — customized or not); or simply digital advertising or customized email templates, at UiNIFICATION we have access to highly experienced developers to deliver your brand experience online.
Being found is an important part of what we do. You can't just have world-class branding and user experience, you need to be found. Driving awareness online with SEO that builds Domain Authority to help you outperform your competition is a necessity. Offline and on you need inbound and outbound marketing strategy and programs that engage your users all through the marketing continuum. We also develop content that activates and acquires new customers, cultivates relationships, delivers a measurable states of retention and then empowers those that love you to share your brand with the people they love.

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