Underwhelming Response Needs Fixing

Platform28 should be leading communications into the cloud, with its distributed database model,
but incomplete branding was holding it back. We helped them refine their story and built a message strategy
and brand that broke through. Then we built them content, such as improved sales sheets, to engage their best targets.

Gaining attention for an already great brand.

Delivering sales support completely on brand

Sometimes brands learn lessons the hard way: Platform28 enlisted an agency that did some nice visual design.
They even delivered a style guide that systemized color, font and some graphics.
But that's not branding, it's execution; we delivered a deep brand strategy
designed to engage and connect with core targets online and offline.

Old Site/Experience

The old site lacked brand messaging and visual impact

It's hard to understand a value prop and path to purchase without proper brand messaging and visual design hierarchy:
all of the Platform28 interfaces needed an overhaul.

Wires to design, the new site would be results driven.

The focus: value, differentiation and action

We started with new IA, including wireframes that simplified the experience and concentrated on value.
We then SEO-optimized the brand experience of Platform28's entire website, building a user interface that's
easy to navigate yet deep, deep, deep with content. The results: incremental traffic poured in.

Then we made navigation easy throughout the site

Every page was systemized and offered an easily definable path through meaningful and relevant content;
in a way a decision maker could find the things they were looking for to build the product they deeply desired.

Having a meaningful consistent brand everywhere
your best customers interface is what we do. 
Platform28 has reaped the rewards.